Letter from the Author

Coming of age when social media was not yet a concept, cell phones were held only by a privileged few, email was only something used by geeks in computer science class and online dating did not exist, it was a grassroots effort and daunting task to find an appropriate mate.

I am a very curious soul and eager to learn and meet new people. Regularly traveling, though I always return to Italy. Yes, all roads on my map return me to Rome. Italy has a seductive power over me – its colors, fire, passion, history and stories beckoning to be experienced... Whether entranced by an eruption of Mount Etna, sun-kissed on the beaches, or lured by the perfume of an airing bottle of wine, the flavors of Italy are addictively decadent. Oh, and yes, the men. Oh, the winking, cooing, heart-stealing mammoni! Perhaps this is gluttonous, and my time in Italy can be sinful, but alas, reaching back to my Latin roots, I strongly believe in the expression, “Carpe diem.” Life is too short. I do not want to miss out on a flavor, a flirt, or a complicit heartbeat.

All stories in this book are based upon real people and actual experiences. My grandmother’s ultimatum was also real, even if it did begin as a joke.

I do find life more fulfilling when shared with someone, however, I have never compromised my life to be with someone just to-be-with-someone. Hopefully this book gives you some laughs as well as teaches some lessons, not so much religious teachings, but rather encouragement to spare-yourself and to not give in until you meet the right person. 

Penelope Gallant

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