About the Author

Raised in New England surrounded by intellects and a close-knit family, Penelope Gallant always intended to become an international attorney. She was educated in five countries on three different continents and speaks five languages, but, after walking out of her LSAT, administered at a convent in Paris, Gallant geared her sights on a career in global health.

With nearly 100 countries stamped in her passport, Gallant straddles two worlds, one as a buttoned-up Brahmin-aspiring socialite and the other, a Sicily-bronzing, dual-citizen, global-negotiating Italian businesswoman. Amidst all this, she finds time to make pasta from scratch, bake bread, and support the Vatican. Perhaps it’s the continuous whisper of her grandmother’s voice in her ear that keeps reminding her to focus and find the right man to bring home to the family…

Pleasing My Italian Grandma is Gallant’s first novel. This is a fictional compilation of actual experiences and true encounters along the courting path. She was encouraged to write this book by her dear friend, Ally, who religiously printed Gallant’s emails and read them on the way to work.